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Teaching social dancing

Court Dancing Reigate & Carshalton

Dancing should be a fun, friendly experience and we try as far as possible to keep it that way. All our classes work on learning to dance in a social group atmosphere with everyone helping each other. Learning to dance is an extension of walking and it is our opinion that if you can walk in then you can dance.

The class method, followed by the immediate chance to put into practice all that you have just learnt in the following social section, has been found to be very effective.

Our teachers have many years of experience and almost always have found a way of passing the necessary information to their pupils.  

Classes are available, which cover most dancers requirements.

We also cater for those who needs are specific with individual tuition where you have the undivided attention of a teacher addressing your exact needs. Lessons can be arranged by prior appointment.

The wedding first dance for the bride and groom.

The couple going on that special trip or event who need to be able to do more than ‘shuffle’ round the dance floor.

Those that either need extra help or perhaps want to add extra finesse and panache to their dancing.

Our methods of teaching have evolved over the years to provide classes which are flexible, have laughter and not too many tears, socially integrate dancers with a flexible easy to follow class structure.


Pupils at play at Christmas